Our Games

  • Savage Resurrection

    The rebirth of the classic action FPS / RTS hybrid "Savage 1" is here! Experience fast-paced combat and cunning strategic gameplay in glorious Unreal 4 environments. Engage in epic 16v16 front-line combat, or take Command to outplay and outmaneuver your team's way to victory.

  • Strife

    Strife is S2 Games' second generation MOBA where two five player teams engage each other in the Strife Arena. Each unique match will grow you from a new recruit in the Army of Light to an experienced and hardened veteran.

    Features, such as pets and crafting give players customization options not found in other MOBAs.

  • Heroes of Newerth

    S2 Games' first free-to-play MOBA, Heroes of Newerth (HoN), pits the Legion and Hellbourne against one another at they battle for map supremacy.

    HoN features several different game modes including Mid Wars and the recently added, Rift Wars, which randomly selects abilities upon your hero's death.